Image 2We are so excited about the new horse and hay barn we've been building this winter and spring. It's a homegrown barn, from lumber we harvested here on the farm with our horses and milled on site. The upstairs will be for storing lots of loose hay, a big improvement over the small barn space and several outdoor haystacks we have relied on until now. The downstairs will be for the horses and our compost bins, which mostly get filled with manure and bedding from the horse stalls, so that will be really nice to have under one roof too. The barn design is inspired by an Amish style that is well-suited for putting up lots of loose hay. 

We had a barn-raising with the help of many community members and friends from near and far on March 8th, and one of our friends took a series of time-lapse photos for the day. It's really neat to be able to see this way. You can watch the short version (one minute long), or the longer slideshow (about 9 minutes), at these two links:

short version

long version

Updated short version, with hay loading footage at the end!




And here's Gabriel feeding Butternut, the newest (and cutest) resident of the barn.