21Natural Roots is pleased to offer a comprehensive, advanced apprenticeship program for aspiring and experienced farmers. The following is a list of the strengths of our apprenticeship program:

  • Commitment to teaching and to learning
  • Organization and clarity
  • Passion for excellent agricultural practices
  • Focus on soil building, cover cropping, soil nutrient balancing, and the cultivation of nutrient dense crops
  • Cultural weed control strategies
  • Methodical teamster training curriculum
  • Building horsemanship skills including nutrition, harness care and fit, hoof care, and round pen training skills
  • Hands on learning
  • Excellent food!

59If you are interested in applying, please look over our program description and application form before applying.

Volunteers are also welcome to inquire about shorter and longer-term volunteer opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in our apprenticeship program and in the bright future of agriculture!

Please note that our paid positions are all filled for 2016, but you are welcome to contact us about working here in 2017.