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Many years ago we created something called the Farm Share Fund, which was specifically used to subsidize discounted CSA shares for low-income commmnity members.  The cost of these low-income shares can now be fully reimbursed by Massachusetts’ SNAP / HIP programs, making them more accessible than ever to low-income shareholders.  Because we are committed to providing these low-income shares to all qualifying members, regardless of the amount in the Farm Share Fund, we have decided to close this specific fund and are instead inviting contributions to the farm as a whole.

Donating is the best way to pledge additional support for our work of nourishing our community, if you are not a CSA Member.  Members with the means can sign up for a Sustainer Share, or donations can be made here at any point in the season, in any demonimation.  These donations help to balance the farm’s income from those who pay at a reduced price with additional funds from memebrs who can offer more. Donations also help us cover our operating costs each year, allow us to save for big capital investments, and maybe even set us up with a modest emergency fund.

Thank you for your contribution to our farm! Please let us know how you would most like to see us use your donation.

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