We are constantly monitoring the guidelines and best practices put out by the State, CISA and MDAR, and are also checking in with our fellow farmers to make sure everyone (staff and customers alike) stays protected in these uncertain times. We are always ready to adapt our current protocols as new information becomes available, and when the time comes for CSA to begin, we will implement new protocols for CSA as needed to make sure that everyone stays healthy and safe.

Currently our farm store is still open as usual, dawn to dusk daily.

-We are limiting 2 people in the farm store at a time.

-We encourage everyone to wear a mask while inside the store.

-We have provided a hand wash station that customers and staff are required to use before entering.

-We also have alcohol wipes to use while in the store to further protect yourself from commonly touched surfaces.

-All staff are required to wear masks while in the farm store and also while doing any wash/pack or restocking of products.

-We are thoroughly disinfecting the shop and walk-in multiple times daily, focusing on peak shopping times, and our disinfecting checklist is available to review at the shop.

If you are unwell or at higher risk, please reach out to us and we can make sure you safely get what you need without entering the store - just send us an email!