Welcome to the Winter Share! 

(Please note there will be no winter share for the 2023/2024 season due to flooding)

Winter shares can be picked up every other week, beginning in late November, for a total of 10 pick-ups.  Vegetables will be set up in our walk-in cooler at all times, so you can come whenever you’d like, as there are no set dates or times.

Please sign in with your INITIALS and the DATE on the sign in sheet each time you come.  The sign in sheet will be inside the walk-in cooler on the table by the scale.

Fill your bag to 12 lbs for full shares, or 6 lbs for half shares, with whichever vegetables you like from the crates set up around the walk-in.  Use the provided scale to make sure you have taken the proper amount.

After you have your correct amount of vegetables, full shares may add four heads of garlic, and half shares may add 2 heads of garlic.

Before you leave, please make sure all BURLAP has been replaced and PLASTIC BAGS ARE FOLDED over to keep the produce from drying out.

When you leave, please be sure to SHUT THE COOLER DOOR until it latches and TURN OUT THE COOLER LIGHT.

                                                      Thank you!