P1040516 Layer Hens

We currently have a flock of about 200 birds. In the warmer months the flock lives out on pasture, with a mobile coop to sleep and nest in. We rotate their coop around to different parts of the farm weekly, so they have lots of access to grass, dirt, and bugs during this time. We supplement our hens' foragings with certified organic grain, and use their compasted manure to add fertility to our fields. In the winter our flock lives in an enclosed area near our farmhouse, with a smaller coop for sleeping and nesting, and a larger hoop house and yard nearby for eating and hanging out in during the day.


Leora and hogs Pork

Out of a desire to simplify our farm operation, we no longer raise our own hogs. Instead, we are sourcing our pork from a former apprentice, Tyler Sage of Sage Farm Pork, and that's what we now have available in our farm store freezers for you.